Case studies

Thumbnail for Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams

Client: VVSYB

Platform: Oculus Rift

Thumbnail for Face your fear

Face your fear

Virtual Reality

Client: Samsung / Mimerse

Platform: GearVR

Thumbnail for The Digimals

The Digimals

Augmented Reality

Client: Parken Zoo

Platform: Android, iOS

Thumbnail for Eye tracking in VR

Eye tracking in VR

Virtual Reality

Client: AcuityVR

Platform: Desktop VR

Thumbnail for Cognition Simulator

Cognition Simulator

360 Video

Client: Swedish Agency for Participation

Platform: Virtual Reality

Thumbnail for Next Generation Coffee

Next Generation Coffee

360 Video

Client: Löfbergs Lila

Platform: VR

Thumbnail for O’Learys


Virtual Reality

Client: O'Learys

Platform: Desktop VR

Thumbnail for Gonzo’s quest

Gonzo’s quest

Virtual Reality

Client: NetEnt

Platform: GearVR

Thumbnail for Virtual X2000

Virtual X2000

Virtual Reality

Client: SJ

Platform: Desktop and Mobile VR