Capitol Commons Augmented Skyline

Vobling Realizes the Future of Capitol Commons



Ortigas & Company


iOS, Android




Ortigas & Company is one of the pioneers in real estate development in the Philippines. Established in 1931, Ortigas & Company strived to let every Filipino, and its residents, experience luxury and convenience by developing areas accessible to work, fun and leisure. One of the on-going projects of Ortigas & Company is the Capitol Commons. It is a 10-hectare development project which features modern living spaces, office facilities and commercial areas.

Vobling’s expertise on AR technology, relative to construction industry, was tapped by Ortigas & Company to give their prospect clients a view of the end-result of their project. The AR app provides the users the opportunity to appreciate the skylines of Capitol Commons even before it is completed. Vobling gave Ortigas & Company a unique and a more cost-benefit way to see the future of the real estate industry.

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