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With unmatched experience we are the ideal partner for any organization looking to leverage the technology. We develop strategies reaching goals small and large.

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We assist with everything from ideation, prototyping, framing and storyboarding working with design process paradigms from circular to human-centered.

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We offer a wide range of development services related to mixed reality SDKs, Android, iOS, Unity, Unreal Engine, C# & .Net and C++. WebXR and WebGL.

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We provide a everything from triple-A 3D environments, characters and assets, to 360 media production, VFX and post production.

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Featured Projects

Scaling Virtual Training: SJ Trains Thousands of Railway Staff in VR

Vobling developed a VR training program for SJ AB, a market-leading train operator, that trained thousands of employees across Sweden. We virtualized multiple train models in SJ’s fleet, as well as protocol-based procedures such as departure procedure, brake test, train heating connection & disconnection, and various safety training scenarios.


Conductive: An Immersive Electrical Training Simulator

AcadeMedia collaborated with Vobling to develop an updated version of Conductive, an immersive electrical training simulator that will be used as an educational tool in classes. The leading education provider will soon launch this platform in schools all around Sweden.


VR Fire Trainer

The VR Fire Trainer is an easy-to-use all-mobile digital training solution that simulates various fire safety training scenarios, fully integrated with a real fire extinguisher for an accurate training experience.

For full information about VR Fire Trainer go to the product website.


The Cargotec Augmented Reality Sales Tool

Kalmar, the Swedish arm of Cargotec, turned to Vobling’s visualisation technology to demonstrate the functionality of its forklift trucks.


The Hector Rail 360° Interactive Tour

To help with Hector Rail’s issues, Vobling developed a 360 virtual train tour, accessible from a website link on computers, phones, tablets or virtual reality headsets. The solution enables Hector Rail’s employees to explore a digital twin of the train, allowing them to tour and interact with various components inside and outside of the train.

The Hector Rail 360° Interactive Tour

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Explore VR and AR solutions that could drive your company's goals and innovation.

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