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Use these simple steps to get started in just a few minutes.

Buy license

Use the links below to purchase an application license. You need one license per VR headset. The license is a yearly subscription.

Recieve license key

When your purchase is completed you will recieve an email with your license key(s).

Download application

Download the application to your VR headset from VIVE Business Appstore or Meta Applab, using the links provided in your confimation email.

Enter the license key

Put on your VR headset and open your new application. Enter your license key and start training.

Hot Work

Learn hot work welding procedures quickly and easily wherever you are. Our Hot Work application guides you through everything you need to know to safely conduct hot work. Learn how to set up your work space and select and inspect the proper equipment. The app is designed to be easy to use, regardless of your VR experience. Get started with the click of a button!

Hot Work

Work at Height

There are a lot of things to consider before doing work at height to make yourself, others, and the space safe and secure. Our Work at Height application makes it easy to learn all the necessary steps. It's simple to pick up, just put on a headset and get started. You will be guided through the procedure, but watch out that you follow all the steps correctly! If you make a mistake, your scorecard will let you know and you can easily go back and fix it. Train work at height safety anywhere, anytime. Get started by clicking below.

Work at Height

VR Fire Trainer

The VR Fire Trainer is an easy-to-use all-mobile digital training solution that simulates various fire safety training scenarios, fully integrated with a real fire extinguisher for an accurate training experience.

For full information about VR Fire Trainer go to the product website.

VR Fire Trainer

Electrical VR Training

This sandbox style simulator lets you build realistic electrical installations - however you want! Use a wide selection of components to install, for example, a light switch and a lamp, from start to finish. Our system realistically simulates the flow of electricity so you can be sure your attempts will translate in the real world.

Electrical VR Training

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