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WEBINAR: Scaling Real-Life Training With VR - Anders Ribbing - Vobling

Anders Ribbing

Vobling has worked with over 200 companies to drive enterprise adoption of immersive technologies. In the past five years, we’ve learned how VR and AR can redefine the future of training.

Anders Ribbing, CEO of Vobling and Head of Bublar Enterprise, discussed the insights we’ve acquired from our projects in the AWE2020 held last May 27, 2020. Watch his talk entitled “Scaling real-life training with VR” and learn how virtual reality can increase training outcomes and decrease cost and risk.

Ribbing identified 4 benefits of virtualized training programs over traditional methods:

  • Quality: Interactive virtual simulations of training scenarios enable a higher level of engagement, retention, and performance at a shorter time.

  • Efficiency: VR captures enriched data such as gesture and eye-tracking, heat maps, and real-time feedback. This data allows organizations to produce a better-optimized workforce.

  • Sustainability: XR significantly reduces carbon footprints by minimizing travel, transportation, and material usage.

  • Safety: VR training programs replicate complex and hazardous scenarios that let employees execute tasks without real-world consequences.

The global pandemic elevates the need for the ability to connect remote teams from across the world. Virtual training programs provide 24-hour accessibility, multi-user functionality, and real-time performance assessment that can boost workforce development amid the pandemic.

Furthermore, he discussed Vobling’s VR training solutions that can let companies benefit from XR’s endless potential in scalability, efficiency, and business growth. Reach out to us at info@vobling.com to learn more.

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