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WEBINAR: VR and AR for Learning Experiences

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Zoom, Teams, and e-learning enabled learning to happen even amid the pandemic worldwide. But what about soft and technical skills that need to be experienced and practiced to learn and master?

In our webinar, we discussed how organizations can implement engaging, effective, and scalable learning experiences using immersive technologies. We also shared a case study about how SJ, a market-leading train operating company, used VR and AR to train thousands of employees across various locations.

Discussion points

  • The new landscape of online learning
  • Utilizing immersive technologies for training and learning experiences
  • Integrating XR into current LMS and training programs

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Vobling is an industry-leading VR/AR agency based in Sweden and Manila. We partner with companies across the globe and develop bespoke XR services and virtual training solutions.

From our inception, we have maintained a focus on applying these technologies where they offer solutions to real-world problems and where they generate quantifiable business value. The dedication to high-impact solutions has led to a specialization in developing virtual reality training platforms alongside our on-demand, in-house, full-stack XR agency offering.


Learnifier is the leading Learning Platform in the Nordics.

Since 2012 companies and organizations of all sizes use their digital platform to quickly and easily create and share knowledge such as onboarding and training of employees, customers, partners, and members. Their platform easily integrates with other systems via a powerful API – enabling future-ready learning. Read more at Learnifier.com

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