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Air France






Air France offers travel experiences all over the world. We had the opportunity to mediate their global reach by developing an app that lets users discover the world, just by taking a few footsteps.

The app, Air France AR world, provides a new digital and interactive layer to their physical soundings and displays a map of the world along with visualizations of key destination experiences with AR-technology. The experience is interactive, informative, engaging and users can also participate in an integrated quiz with the chance to win long haul flights.

We launched the app for use at events in Gothenburg, Oslo and Bergen. It’s available both via the AppStore and Google Play. The application is based on a combination of image target and VIO-based technology.

The app and concept was developed in close partnership with the fantastic team at BizKitHavas, which is a part of Havas Worldwide.

Try it out by using the AR marker below!

Demo reel

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