Cebex Virtual Reality Tour

A virtual reality tour of the Cebu Exchange.

architectural visualization





Desktop VR




ArthaLand was looking to explore and implement virtual reality into their architectural visualization. As a first step, ArthaLand commissioned Vobling to create a virtual reality walkthrough of their newest project in Cebu, called the Cebu Exchange. Although ArthaLand has barely started construction of the physical building, people can already visit the finished tower in virtual reality, see the impressive amenities and stunning views.

Working together with their existing suppliers of 3D renders, Vobling was able to reuse many of the existing assets of ArthaLand and bring costs down the projects considerably. The finished virtual reality application covers 100’s of square metres of retail spaces, office spaces, terraces and lobbies.

Today, ArthaLand uses the application for promotional purposes, demonstrating the application to potential partners.

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