Happy Place Virtual Relaxation

Virtual reality pain distraction and relaxation application



Apotek Hjärtat


GearVR, Oculus GO




In collaboration with Mimerse and Swedish Pharmacy Apotek Hjärtat, Vobling developed and released Happy Place, a virtual space which promotes relaxation and calm for the user in order to subside pain and unease during for example medical procedures.

Most noteworthy is that this experience is the highest rated relaxation app on Oculus Store and is used in clinics and research projects. Consequentially it has received many international prizes and has over 50.000 users. Over 3 million Swedes were reached through the resulting PR-campaign.

Learn more about it in this video.

Happy Place was featured in a lot of media publications:

Finally if you are interested in other applications related to health which Vobling have helped create you may also be interested in Pinch and Itsy.

Happy Place is used by Sweden's largest pharmacies.

Anton got a new tattoo in VR.

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