Memira Augmented Reality Anatomy

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Memira 3D Anatomy





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Memira has been in the medical industry working on eyesight correctional treatments for over 20 years and eventually took the lead position in the north. As they said it, their background lies with experienced opticians and doctors who have a vision of a world without vision.

To emphasize Memira’s competence, Vobling was commissioned to create a tool in which the anatomy of the eye and vision could be visualized. Together with Medical Specialist and doctors, we built an advanced 3D model of the eye and its surrounding functionality. The main aim of the project is to give more appreciation in describing and viewing the eye as well as the common sightings visualized in 3D graphics. The eye model can also be placed on the table using ARKit technology. This way, it is easy to get into the model to show the different components and describe how sync-corrective treatments are done. With Vobling’s partnership project with Memira, patients and prospective clients are able to understand further the procedure they will undergo.

Memira 3D Anatomy
Memira 3D Anatomy

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