Nackademin VR/AR Course

Nackademin Partners with Vobling on VR Education

Nackademin VR/AR Course





Classroom Teaching




Nackademin started Sweden’s first classes on VR and AR development in 2017. Vobling has had the privilege of being allowed to plan and conduct a number a number of courses on the two year program.  The training was collaboratively developed by representatives from both the IT and construction industry where Vobling played a vital role.

Vobling was responsible for educating in the following fields:

• Introduction to VR and AR;
• Programming Real-time engine in game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine – Different SDK / APIs functions for different VR platforms;
• Augmented Reality development;
• Implementation and publishing, with game logic testing, performance analysis and publication on a VR hardware, as well as conversion of projects to various VR platforms;
• Interface and interaction – development of a VR environment, taking into account the differences between the platforms and the user’s interaction;
• Sound installation; editing and programming audio in VR real-time projects for immersive experience of sound in several different dimensions; and
• Virtual Reality Platforms – how hardware and peripherals are installed, configured and calibrated.


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