Ortigas East Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Apartment Visualization



Ortigas & Company


iOS, Android




Ortigas & company is the benchmark for modern urban living in Metro manila. For more than 8 decades, Ortigas & Company has been perfecting the art of life, work , and leisure by conceiving of and building master-planned developments that have become thriving communities over time. In its portfolio are some of the country’s best residential, business, commercial, and estate developments in Metro Manila including Ortigas Center, Greenhills Center, Capitol Commons, Circulo Verde, and its most recent redevelopment project, Ortigas East.

Having previously collaborated in the marketing efforts of Capitol Commons, Vobling and Ortigas & Company developed another augmented reality application capable of visualizing the real estate development of Ortigas East. The applications allow users to explore real time rendered 3D representations of the different condominiums and unit types of the various towers in the development. The application also enables users to change the characteristics of the apartments, such as color and type of furniture. The application provides an innovative approach to real estate marketing and compliments traditional methods as the augmented reality target images are featured in the Ortigas East brochure.

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