The Carl-Gustaf Virtual Reality Experience

A Virtual Reality demonstration of Swedish engineering

The Carl Gustaf Rocket Launcher VR Experience



SAAB Dynamics


Desktop VR




SAAB caters to the military defense and civil security needs of governments, authorities and corporations around the world. It provides products, services and solutions to its clients when it comes to their requirements related to safety and security – be it in air, land, naval and even aerospace.

In collaboration with SAAB, Vobling created a one-of-a-kind VR application enabling the demonstration of the SAAB Carl Gustaf rocket launcher. Vobling produced custom fitted mounts which allowed HTC Vive trackers to be mounted on the barrel of the real launcher. Wearing a HTC Vive the user was able to hold the real Carl Gustaf and use it in Virtual Reality. Custom made sensors were mounted on the backside of the Carl Gustaf trigger housing, detecting when the user pulled the trigger in real life, and firing a virtual rocket inside the virtual environment. The user is guided through a realistic training scenario with the objective of destroying a number of targets using a range of different projectiles.

The VR experience created by Vobling became the main attraction at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) which is the world’s largest arms and weaponry exhibition.

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