SOS Virtual Reality Emergency Call Simulator

Handle emergency calls in VR



SOS Alarm


Oculus Go




SOS Alarm provides Sweden with its national emergency number – Every year they handle around 3.5 million emergency calls.

Normally, their business is veiled in secrecy, and most people will never get to visit their SOS emergency call centrals in real life. This changes with the interactive experience we co-created with SOS Alarm. For the very first time, everyone can step into an SOS center, listen to real-life dramatized emergency calls, or help assess and manage the calls so that the caller gets the right help.

The VR experience has been developed at SOS Alarms emergency central in Stockholm where employees in the operational activities have been interviewed and participated in the development to achieve scenarios as close to reality as possible.

The experience is part of SOS’s strategy of exploring new platforms for communication, and contributes to increased knowledge and understanding of their operations.

Now anyone who visits SOS Alarm at trade fairs, events or directly at the SOS centers, can get the experience of handling emergency calls using VR technology.

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