The Garage Augmented Reality

VR Zone finally hits Manila; Vobling partners with the project



Melco Resorts


iOS, Android




The Garage is a new and exciting venue for food and entertainment at the Melco resort “City of Dreams” – the venue hosts the first ever Mario Kart VR installation and trendy eateries.

Melco partnered with us in order to bring their marketing ambitions of their new venue to (augmented) reality. Melco wanted to incentivize visitors to not only visit the venue, but also to try the wide range of cuisines available there. We came up with the idea of letting visitors complete a virtual checklist of restaurants, and once completed, he or she would be given a prize. Once a visitor made a purchase, he or she would be asked to scan a target in order to register their purchase.

With their art direction we produced, packaged and launched an application for smartphone devices. Beautiful effects and 3D models made the application interesting, and promoted a feeling of treasure hunting.

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