ModulAR White Label Augmented Reality Framework

Vobling ModulAR is a development framework for AR created by us





iOS, Android




Vobling ModulAR is a development framework that utilizes state of the art technology for both iOS and Android mobile devices to create breathtaking AR applications.

It has been created with the mission to promote a coherent user experience and a modular design and development process to easily develop a small scale application that later can be scaled to a full product or service, without the usual development overhead that comes with such a process.

When assuming development of an AR product or service there is always some functionality that looks essentially the same, regardless of the use case. As a part of our mission to create a modular design and development process, we put thought and care into reducing duplication of labor to allow for that time to be spent on a creative application of the technology. We feel that we have been especially successful in this area.

ModulAR contains functionality such as: A robust system for touch gestures to tailor for your specific use case. A user interface system that will look pixel perfect no matter what screen resolution or aspect ratio your device has. A layer of abstraction to mitigate the difference between ARCore and ARKit so you only have to develop once to deploy on both platforms.

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