What’s On The Plate Virtual Reality Film

An immersive installation raising awareness of the current situation in North East Africa




Fotografiska / Rädda Barnen


Custom Installation




We collaborated with Fotografiska Museet, Aftonbladet and Save the Children to create the 360 component of the Magnus Wennman & Erik Wiman exhibition ” What’s on The Plate “. This exhibition was on display during the summer months in 2017.

Instead of using headsets the video was viewed inside a giant cylinder.

There was also a 360 video in the exhibition and it is was stunning experience. It was a different, more accessible way of experiencing 360 content that was easier and more social than putting on a headset. As always – every new technology will find its specific use cases.

A wall of screens, 4.7 meters in diameter and 3 meters brought the visitors to the location. Visitors in the room were surrounded with video. There was a doorway to enter the cylinder and the room easily fits about ten-fifteen people with a 360 view. The experience becomes very social and you get a much wider field of view (FOV) than in a headset. The screen was made out of 174 flat LED-modules (50×50 cm)

In addition other 360 video project we produced include: Cognition SimulatorVisit Stockholm and, Experience LASIK

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