We take great pride in applying technology were it creates real value for businesses. AR and VR can, out of a development perspective, be viewed as cousin technologies but they’ve got fundamentally different areas of application. They simply don’t solve the same problems but they certainly aren’t competitors. We see massive impact on the ways these technologies will affect our lives as they represent a new promised land of human computer interaction.

Our end to end capabilities and processes include a solid strategy, conceptualization and design documentation phase. Our development team then takes over and applies our own version of a SCRUM-based methodology that’s been designed to ensure both rapid development and high client satisfaction. We’ve also got some in house developed products at our disposal that further enhance our offering.

Virtual Reality

Desktop apps

Mobile apps

360 Photos

360 Video


Mixed reality video


Augmented reality

Mobile apps

AR headset apps

Location based experiences

Integration of AR into apps and platforms

Related technology

Eye tracking

Object tracking

Gesture input and interaction design

Motion input interaction design

Wearables and IoT




So far we’ve developed, produced and designed a wide range of enterprise applications and solutions. Our portfolio consists of +50 client projects in the field of AR/VR/3D-development and it includes everything from powerful enterprise products, simulators, educational platforms, award winning games and stories to groundbreaking R&D-projects. Challenge us with your problem and we will do everything in order to help you solve it!

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