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VR Fire Trainer Application

The VR Fire Trainer Application realistically simulates both the behaviour and responses of each fire type, smoke formation, extinguisher agents, and smoke alarm in a firefighting scenario for an accurate virtual training experience.

Right now we offer the VR Fire Trainer Application on HTC VIVE Focus 3 (Meta Quest 2 launching soon)

Learn to operate a real extinguisher while training in Virtual Reality by using the VR Fire Trainer Interactive Extinguisher. Every time before putting out the fire, you will need to remove the safety pin and press the handle to discharge the extinguishing agent in VR. The extinguisher is connected to your headset so you can see it in VR during your training. If you don’t have the Interactive Extinguisher yet, buy it now from us or any of our local resellers.


Start fighting fires without fire in just a few minutes

Buy license

Start by buying your licence to the VR Fire Trainer Application. You need one license per VR headset. The license is a yearly subscription.

Request to pay with invoice

Receive license key

When your purchase is completed you will receive an email with your license key(s).

Download application

Download the application to your VR headset from VIVE Business Appstore.

Enter the license key

Put on your VR headset and open the VR Fire Trainer Application. Enter your license key and start training.

Available on

Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest Pro

Vive Focus 3

More to


By subscribing to the VR Fire Trainer Application license you will get access to all of this and more to come!

Various types of fires

Not all fires are created equal. In addition to the most common fires, you will have the option to learn what to do when a frying pan catches fire, or a lithium battery, and many more.

Multitude of locations

Fires can happen anywhere, and being able to transport yourself to the place where you are most likely to ecounter a fire is the type of realism you can expect from VR Fire Trainer.

Different extinguishers

Learn how to use the most common types of extinguisher agents and how they react differently to different fires types and in different environments.

The dangers of smoke

Smoke is the most dangerous part of a fire and in this application you will be intimately familiar with how fast smoke fills up a confined space. The user will be immersed in the experience of fire, realistic fire spread, feel the stress of the alarm and see the smoke formation.

Software updates

The VR Fire Trainer Application is constantly improving and a license grants you access to all future updates. In the future there will be more types of fires, more environments, improvments to visual fidelity, and much more.

Feedback and support

We are here for you and we want you to experience the most realistic fire training. If you have any feedback or input please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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